Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020 side event

Outcome: This event christened ‘Successful Impression: The Indian Rooftop Solar Implementation Journey’ was organised as part of the mega Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020 event to share the transformation witnessed in the Indian rooftop solar (RTS) journey so far and to showcase the efforts and contributions of key stakeholders working in unison in India for successful RTS implementation.

There was an overwhelming response to the event as more than 660 participants across the world registered for the event. Considerable social media activity was also witnessed from the ACEF Forum handles as well as from the speakers involved.

Key personalities who spoke at the event were Manu Shrivastava (former chief of MPUVNL), K P Baiju from SBI, Abhishek Ranjan from BSES Rajdhani, Anuvrat Joshi from Cleantech Solar, Dr.Amit Jain and Mani Khurana from the World Bank and YUvaraj DInesh Babu Nithyanandam from EY. A Q&A session ‘Grilling the experts’ was also conducted wherein the panelists responded to queries regarding the Covid-19 impact as well as on aspects like financing and role of DISCOMs.

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