Media & Outreach


Effective communication is one of the most critical enablers of any change or reforms Initiative. Communication plays a critical role in educating target audience about a programme. Executing a well-articulated communications strategy limits the obstacles and enhances the opportunities associated with the success of the program and encourages a conducive environment for a holistic understanding of the initiative. Effective communication is not limited to information exchange alone but also involves public dialogues and social awareness. It provides a system to augment implementation of the programme including the pilot, expansion, monitoring mechanism as well as facilitating policy reforms.


Assess existing solar rooftop communication for gaps & scope of improvement

Identify gaps based on need assessment of stakeholders from a communication perspective

Develop and implement new communication strategy & roadmap

This work package includes developing a robust and strategic communications framework to identify and engage the target audience that will benefit from SUPRABHA. The strategic communications framework will include a unified approach that will bring together stakeholder engagement, media – traditional and digital - outreach and ongoing campaigns. The activities will result in showcasing government resolve, enhance perceptions of stakeholder alignment, and provide an aspiration model by linking individual actions to a larger national vision to increase consumer confidence in the program.




Public Relations and Creatives


  • Branding and Communication Strategy
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletters
  • Byline Articles
  • Collaterals
  • Media and Outreach Plan
  • TV Commercials
  • Survey Reports
Target audience


State governments

State governments


Contribute towards strengthening the communication rollout plan for the GRPV sector in India

Instill a sense of state pride amongst public through visibility campaigns, drive demand amongst stakeholders and enhance SNAs’ and DISCOMs’ profile and capacity in the value chain.

Improve customer experience, increase transparency and industry attractiveness and consequently customer receptivity and uptake

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