National Online Rooftop Solar Data Monitoring Center

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In order to monitor the progress of implementation of projects in the rooftop solar sector,it is critical to initiate a systematic data collection on the performance of solar rooftops. This performance data could form a vast database that would benefit project developers, financiers and other relevant stakeholders in the following ways

  • to monitor project performance and identify systemic inefficiencies
  • provide data for electricity distribution companies or DISCOMs to plan for supply requirements
  • generate market data on the performance of various rooftop systems, and
  • provide data to support India’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) monitoring process.

The biggest challenge for policy makers and program designers remains access to data in a form that would allow them to analyse the performance of systems and their impact on the ground. Presently, there is a lack of appropriate protocols, processes and platforms for the data. In order to address this challenge, there is a need for establishing a national level Data Monitoring Centre (DMC). The DMC will need to be equipped with necessary MRV protocols that shall aid in capturing real time performance data for all existing and upcoming projects. This may also improve the quality of projects by making the essential data available to relevant stakeholders.


Facilitation of Conceptual Development of National Online Rooftop Solar Data Monitoring Centre (NORS-DMC) at NISE

Support for the establishment of NORS-DMC at NISE

Development of MRV methodology for GRPV systems

Intended benefits

Policy Makers & Regulators

Visualization of project status, subsidy flows and environmental impacts of projects

Distribution companies

Improved demand forecasting and planning


Use of real-time performance data utilized for enhancing product/ service offerings

End users

Participation in energy markets, future electricity requirement

Financial Institutions

Use of high-quality real-time generation data to validate performance of proposed projects

Intended outcomes

Conceptual MRV framework for GRPV system with typical functional attributes (to be a part of the POADD)

Concept note for establishment of NORS-DMC

Implementation roadmap for NORS-DMC

GHG emission reductions related documentation as per current UNFCCC CDM guidelines for Programmatic CDM

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