Process Streamlining


The genesis of this work package is to address the challenges faced by multiple stakeholders such as SNAs, DISCOMs and lenders regarding the rooftop solar ecosystem.


The primary objective of this work package is the mitigation of the following issues:


The interventions conceptualised at the outset to address such issues as part of this TA program include development of a unified web portal for solar rooftop in states, implementation of state level action plan for various states, development of supporting mechanism for lenders to reach out to select sectors, vendor empanelment support to DISCOMS and SNAs, streamlining of interconnection processes, assessment of loan disbursal process taking into consideration environmental and social norms etc.

Deep-dive on activities

Environmental and Social
Governance (ESG) Compliance Study

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Development of Unified Solar Rooftop Web Portal for various states

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Financing MSMEs for Rooftop Solar

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National Online Rooftop Solar Data Monitoring Center

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