South-South North Knowledge Exchange


Working in different areas across various regions of a vast nation like India presents a lot of cross-learning opportunities. States are at different stages of development with respect to policy, capacity development, infrastructure etc.


Learnings gathered by working with agencies from a particular state can go a long way in enhancing the capabilities of another state. This work package aims to create this Ecosystem of learning based on its varied experiences all across the country.

Approach and methodology

Platform Creation

Create Platform for interstate exchange of information and best practices.

Prepare best practices compendium

Workshops/ Conferences

Conducting conference and panel discussion, workshops for knowledge exchange between different stakeholders

Thought leadership

Build a pipeline of thought leadership articles and topics affecting the sector

Knowledge Building trips

Conduct capacity building trips, both domestic and at international level, to build knowledge of the new/ latest happening in the segment


Creation of tools / platform for the collection of data

Best practices and other created knowledge with various stakeholders will be disseminated through various mediums such as Facebook pages, WordPress blogs, twitter handles etc. and Monthly newsletters will also be sent to different stakeholders.

Conducting workshops /conferences

The task covers conducting conferences and workshops at regular interval in different states among different stakeholders. The conferences will serve as means of networking and knowledge sharing between different players like banks, developers, big consumers, DISCOMs and will help in sharing of implementation of best practices and futuristic ideas.

Thought Leaderships

This task covers preparing a pipeline of new and futuristic idea sharing articles and case studies across different stakeholders which will help stakeholders become agile and open to newer ideas and changes in the sector.

South-south-north Knowledge exchange trips

This task covers conducting capacity building trips both domestic and at international level to build knowledge on the best practices in the segment, knowledge sharing and skill set enhancement of the selected personnel.

The work package involves creation of a mechanism to build and enhance the knowledge exchange from the whole activity. The TA program will collect data from different stakeholders and process it to generate meaningful output, analysing the progress of the deployment of the rooftop solar across different states. The platform will enable in the bringing out the best practices across different projects which led to their success and any challenges faced and mitigation strategies across them.

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