Development of Unified Solar Rooftop Web Portal for various states

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The institutional framework is currently not fully matured for the large-scale solar rooftop development and deployment. For instance, any consumer who wishes to install the solar rooftop system, may not have the detailed information available at one place viz., potential for installation of solar rooftop, area requirements, types of technologies, information related to major vendor/channel partners, processes/procedures to be followed for interconnection, availability of subsidy and finance.

Simultaneously, the DISCOMs and State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) also have limited manpower and skill sets which hamper the process of approving applications received from different consumers. There is a need for digitizing the complete process of application, approval and implementation of GCSRP. Maintaining multiple web-based tools to address various issues of multiple stakeholders is not a feasible option either. As a result, there is a need for developing a common integrated platform at a State level, which can display all the information at one single point, including transactions between multiple stakeholders. Such a platform will enable inter and intra stakeholder communication through a single online portal. The TA program’s approach towards Unified Web Portal (UWP) development is based on a new architecture that encapsulates interconnection and subsidy process on a single framework thereby enabling seamless processing of consumers’ interconnection application and provide subsidy to eligible consumers.

Key Features

‘UWP Application’ enabling inter and intra stakeholder interactions

Report generation with segregation of data up to ‘Section’ level for DISCOMs

Geo-tagging allows tracking from ‘Application’ to ‘Synchronization’ stage in real time

‘Dashboard’ for Consumer providing status update

Time schedule report generation

Stage wise tracking of Interconnection and Subsidy Application

Interface for incorporating new parameters, changes, modifications, etc.

‘Dashboard’ for DISCOM/SNA displaying DISCOM wise and State

Interlinkages between UWP and DISCOM’s internal portal

Monitoring of process timelines through UWP



(Max Working Days)

Submission of application


Zero Date

Acknowledgement of application by Discom



Site verification / Technical feasibility & issuance of letter of approval (LOA) / termination



In-principle approval for CFA



Execution of metering agreement

Discom &

15 — 20

Installation of rooftop solar system

Discom, Empaneled Vendor

90 - 180

Meter procurement intimation


15 (prior intimating Discom on system readiness)

Submit work completion report / certificate

Consumer Empaneled Vendor

90 — 180 (from LOA) (depending upon capacity)

Inspection by CEIG (if applicable)


15 -20

Issuance of safety certificate

CEIG (if applicable)

5 — 10

Intimation to install meter


7 - 10

Inspection by Discom, installation of meter and commissioning of the system


15 — 20 (after CEIG approval)

Inspection for release of CFA


7 -10

Release of CFA


5 -10

Billing process


30 After synchronization with Grid

Intended benefits

Integration of multiple stakeholders on a single platform enabling seeking of approvals through a single medium.

Accountability of each approving authority within each stakeholder organization in case of non-adherence to timelines due to transparent process.

Enhanced intra-stakeholder interactions.

Access to all informational content such as procedures, guidelines, regulations, and policies pertaining to solar rooftop.

Establishment and implementation of definite timelines from submission of application to commissioning of system.


UWP developed for 2 states and ready to go live

UWP live for 13 states

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